location markerDrop Off/Arrival

- Bus Arrival:
(Tulip Ave. awning) Bus unloading will be staggered. Students will be instructed to socially distance themselves and walk directly to their homerooms upon arrival.

- Car/Walker Arrival: (Turn-around on Evans Ave.) Drop-off will occur from 8:15-8:30 a.m. Students will report directly to their homeroom as they enter. Students that are entering the building prior to this should be enrolled in daycare. Entrances will vary by grade level.
• K-2: Enter through Door #2.
• 3-4: Enter through the Door #1, the main entrance.
• 5-6: Enter through Door #10, the gym entrance.

Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. should enter through the front office for a late pass.
Please follow the single line of traffic and stay in one lane closest to the building/sidewalk so students can exit their vehicle safely. Pull up to your Door# before letting your student(s) out of the car. If you have multiple students, make one stop at the main entrance Door#1 and students can walk to the correct door.

Please make sure your child has all of their belongings so they are ready to exit your car in a timely manner.

Parents should park on the street or in the parking lot if they need to enter the building during arrival.


- Bus Dismissal: Students will remain in their cohort (homeroom) location for dismissal. Busses will be called a few at a time to minimize the number of students in the hallway. Students will follow the group plan as they walk down the hallway.

- Car Riders: Students will be called a few at a time to allow students to enter cars safely starting at 3:15 pm. Please refrain from parking in the circle drive as it disturbs the flow of traffic. Parents/Guardians will stay in their vehicle and form two lanes in the U-shaped portion of the lot. Your child will be called to exit the building.

- Walkers: Form a line on the sidewalk parallel to Tulip Ave. and your child will be dismissed to you.

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